Fortex Manpower Services
We strive for the perfect fit


All of the services that Fortex provides are customer driven and designed to unburden you as a client. In this way your company can focus on its core business again.


Fortex provides skilled manpower with focus on the following branches: renewable energy (on- & offshore), engineering, construction and heavy lifting (on- & offshore). Fortex mediate between international based clients and skilled workers in order to interlink needs and demands. The manpower services of Fortex are based on the inhouse knowledge in relation to the various markets. Fortex always strive for the perfect fit.


Fortex provides the recruitment of skilled workers in various markets. Fortex can link the right candidate to their clients for a fixed fee. This fee is based on a no-cure no-pay agreement. Fortex has various collaborations with both national as international recruitment parties to increase their chances to deliver the perfect fit.


Fortex consultancy services originated through collaborations with highly experienced offshore (wind) professionals. This involves professionals with higher-level positions in the offshore energy sector who are willing to share their extensive knowledge on a project basis. Fortex understands that such knowledge is highly valued within this market. Feel free to contact Fortex any time to discuss the possibilities.