Fortex Manpower Services
We strive for the perfect fit

About Fortex Manpower Services

Fortex Manpower Services is established in 2018 and is specialized in providing technical manpower to the following branches    (on- & offshore):

  • Renewable energy

  • Engineering

  • Construction

  • Heavy lifting

At Fortex Manpower Services we have extensive know-how and connections in these fields because of the personal work-history and interests of our team.

Fortex Manpower Services can offer the following services: placement, recruitment and consultancy. 

Fortex Manpower Services outsource their payroll to reliable partners who are holding the right certificates, such as:

  • ISO 9001:2008

  • MLC 2006

  • VCU (safety checklist)

  • NEN-4400

These collaborations makes it possible for Fortex Manpower Services to focus on the recruitment and placement of capable and reliable candidates, with the certainty that the wages of their candidates are conform all applicable rules and legislations. 

Fortex Manpower Services always strive for the perfect fit. In their opinion that means: the right people in the right place at the right time. The workforce of Fortex Manpower Services is the foundation of their organization and each person matters equally within this company.

This website provides information about the services, markets and job-offers at Fortex Manpower Services. The menu will guide you through the business journey of Fortex Manpower Services. Feel free to contact Fortex Manpower Services at any time.